12.12 Awakening Gateway

Reclaiming Wholeness

A global meditation gathering from Mount Shasta.

Thursday December 12th, 12 - 1pm PST

and 12 noon in your time zone

12.12 Reclaiming Wholeness

Join with Helen Quail in Mount Shasta and souls from across the planet for the 12.12 gateway.

Join with Helen Quail in Mount Shasta and souls from across the planet for the 12.12 gateway.

This global meditation will begin at 12 noon and continue for approximately an hour. Please attune then or at 12 noon in your time zone or as guided throughout the twenty-four hour period to support the continuous wave. A specially recorded audio will be published prior to the event to listen to in support of the field. This is created as a global event, where as many Beings as called can connect through consciousness.

We are invited to gather through the aligned intentions of our pure hearts to support the wave, building since equinox, and peaking on 12.12. Meet with Helen and many beautiful souls, in the heart of the Sacred Mountain, in the Heart of Love, for a co-creation in the 12.12 energies. We are also weaving with all conscious gatherings focusing on the highest trajectory for consciousness; and especially the 333 frequencies and the 333 Pyramid of Light work through December facilitated by my Sistar Sally Sherin​.

We will not be live online, so that we can be in silence, with Gaia and the unified field, meeting deeply on other dimensions. Sit or lie quietly where you will not be disturbed. You may like to gather crystals or other sacred objects to add their fields with your intent. Center through the breath into the Sacred heart space and attune to the unified field we create. You are welcome to listen to the meditation which will be posted prior to the event. You are also welcome to be in silence, deeply opening to the frequencies and serving as a pure conduit for the Divine light codes and Love.

12.12 is a significant gateway in the shifts in consciousness, the codes available for us here on the planet and our invitation to embody more and more of our unique essence in form. Mount Shasta is possibly the most significant point planetarily in the present cycle. Helen will lead us in focusing on the new Cosmic codes, with meditations, light language, frequencies and stillness to fully anchor in our body Beings and for the planet. We are invited to spread this web of intention widely across the planet.

One of the keys in reclaiming our wholeness is embodying the Divine feminine, a wave that has been spreading through human consciousness for decades, gradually permeating and dissolving the distortions of patriarchy. In this, there is the call and opportunity for the healing of core wounds between masculine and feminine expressions of Divinity, embodied in form. These have origins in pre-Mu civilizations and played out in Atlantean and Lemurian timelines. This is part of what can now be resolved, re-Sourced and held in the new crystalline grids and awakening hearts of humankind.

There is an influx of Freedom codes, accessed through the Universal principles of Presence and aligning with our Divine Self. These codes flow through our structures, opening new gateways of choice and free will as illusions further disintegrate.

We open to and receive transmissions and activations, which are then shared with all we connect with who are ready. We bring in the new frequencies and support our systems to adapt to be able to walk, live and create as the Divine creator Beings that we are. We are here on this amazing planet at these times to know and live from our Divine essence. As we awaken more and more into our limitlessness and multi-dimensionality, we are called to ground all that we are here and now through and in these bodies.

Together, through our open Sacred hearts, we will dive into uncharted territory in our anchoring of our multi-dimensionality. We are called home to ourSelves as never before, through the deeply loving Cosmic Divine Feminine.

The central focus of the meditation is to connect from across the planet.

Energy Exchange is invited: $12.12 - 22.22
If you are unable to make a financial energy exchange at this time, just make an energy exchange in another form.

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You will ~

~ be part of a global circle receiving, evolving and spreading the incoming light codes.

~assist in the collective reclaiming of our true nature.

~ be uplifted and expanded; integrate healing that will be of benefit to your own self, your familial lines (bio and soul) and to all

~ assist in the healing of the core wounds between masculine and feminine

~ assist in the integration of the freedom codes and the expansion of what is available to all willing souls

~ Become more intimate with your Divine essence and ground This further into your cells and matrix.

~Receive transmissions of light and encodements from the Cosmic Divine Feminine, including light language activations.

~Explore deep communion with your authentic Self, the mountain and Beings of Light and our Higher aspects.

~ Further open to and integrate our multi-dimensionality and Divine blueprints.

~Ingest the joy of a co-creative conscious space, where you are contributing to shifts and realizations that will land and emanate from this moment on.

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