Awakening Through the Heart


Sixth Dimensional Crystal Chakra Activations

Helen is delighted to be able to offer this process for you if you feel ready for a significant accleration of your evolution and vibration. She was the first to receive this upgrade and also the teacher level, after it was brought through by light worker Sitara Akele Lightbringer.


This is a two stage process, with a third activation to facilitate the capacity to also share the activation process with others.


As Sitara explains:


"These are an extremely pure high vibrational energy and are one of the steps that we can make towards ascension and unity. The planetary shift of December 21st 2014 finally allowed more crystalline presence as the old carbon based structures began to be released as the old 3D paradigm finally released and 4D is now very much present here.


The energies making up these come from a vast collaboration: The Angelic Host, Andromedans, Arcturians, Azez, Elohim, Golden Order, Neteru, Orions, Pleiadians and Sirians.


Their purpose is to allow further access to us all to attain more gnosis and higher personal as well as planetary vibrations and releases to help us reach perfection on our journey to 6D.


Copyright also exists on the Crystal Chakra's to preserve the clarity and activations in thei


Sessions are delivered via skype wherever you are globally. A period of several weeks (at least) is required between each upgrade activation."


The beings that have brought these activation into this consciousness wish for them to be available to all those that wish to have them, therefore  donations need to be heart based  and can be made via the Shop page. Suggested energy exchange is £55 per session.


First Activation - 1.5 Hours


Full cellular healing session focussing on aligning all cellular structures as well as the old conical chakra system and activating the prana tube.

Meridians are re-aligned, acupressure and acupuncture points are also cleared or any old energies that need to be released.

Activations are then bought in on any area's needed to facilitate the crystalline structures and energies to begin to take shape as well as in some cases DNA activations and adjustments.

As each structure forms the old conical chakra's move away allowing us to hold more energy and light. This is based on the implant based chakra's (base, sacral plexus, solar plexus,heart/s, throat, jade gate/third eye configuration and crown).

We then connect the energies from the earth and Source to enable the blending of the female and male energies to amplify and assist in the chakra upgrade as well as our individual personal growth.

The crystalline energies will take between seven and ten days to be fully completed but are fully operational from the end of session one.



Session Two - 1-1.5 Hours


Full cellular healing to make sure that all is still in perfect alignment as the new crystalline structures will allow for further releases of all that no longer serves you.


Meridian alignment and energy releases where necessary.

Focussing on each of the new crystalline structures and their interaction and connections.


Activating the new overlay that will work to facilitate further connections and energies between the structures as well as the crystalline matrix. The overlay is made up predominantly of the triple fold flame thats presence is becoming stronger at this time. This allows for faster and better connections to things like healing modalities, activations, dna upgrades as well as facilitating new guides and helpers.