Awakening Through the Heart


About Helen

"Grant me the serenity to accept

the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can

And the wisdom to know the difference."

Helen offers her Being in service to love, merging all of her healing tools and ongoing learning  in an intuitive flow that is Divinely directed through love in the highest interests of each co-creator. She faciltates intuitive integrative high vibrational energy healing, through the embodied Sacred Heart to support our awakening to All that we have always been. Through multi-dimensional healing, light/love transmissions, sacred sound and light language, writings and many other expressions, exploration of the Being is supported to move into greater wholeness and embodiment of Divinity.


Light work involving the grids is a key aspect of all of Helen's work as is the healing and anchoring of the Divine Feminine on earth and the restoration of Divine Union at all levels, within and on earth. Helen has a deep affiliation and connection with the highest Cosmic and galactic energies and the ability to convey these codes.


Helen was born in Scotland and the first and most dramatic call to awakening was a journey with severe, chronic illness in her late twenties. This turned her whole life in a different direction. In dedication to the path of the Heart and Light, Helen integrates her numerous trainings, dissolving and integrating all into wholeness.


Her journey includes Light Grids Practitioner (2011), Metatronia Therapy® Master Healer/Attuner, Isis Healer (Level Four); Angel Healing ® Teacher; Priestess of the Moon (a two year training in ancient esoteric practices through Isis), Lemurian Healing; Usui Reiki Master Teacher (2006); Karuna Reiki Level Two (2007), Professional Kinesiologist (2001), Angelic Reiki Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner; Meditation and Spiritual development Teacher and more. She has been a student of Life with Emaho since 2008. Helen also holds an MSc in Adult and Continuing Education and and an M.A. (Arts) from the University of Glasgow.


In addition to her training in energy work, Helen draws on her skills in a range of areas such as stress management and adult learning. In addition to her own practice, Helen worked as a therapist with a community stress centre for seven and a half years. Helen is also blessed to be bringing forth Lightsystem, a spiritual system of ascension and healing. She has undertaken numerous courses and studies and views her ongoing personal and professional practice and development as central to her integrity. All tools are integrated and guided entirely by Source in the moment. One to one sessions are offered both in person and globally through skype.


Global light transmissions are a key feature of Helen's work and she facilitates very regular events, attracting thousands from around the world. She has also been involved in facilitating groups directly for over twenty years. She has been a teacher of healing forover a decade and leads workshops and retreats internationally in Europe and USA and worldwide by invitation.


Her path as a light and love worker and wayshower for the New Earth constantly evolves as she dedicates herself to Truth and Love around how she can best learn, teach and support herself and others on our journey to wholeness and remaining awake to all that we are. She is passionate about supporting each of us uniquely individuals in achieving our greatest wellbeing, realization and fullest Divine potential.


"Wisdom tells me I am nothing.

Love tells me I am everything

Between the two my life flows."    Nisargadatta Maharaj

Helen offers individual consultations and healings both in person or globally, via Skype or remote. She faciltates workshops in the UK , Europe. USA and globally by invitation and leads international retreats.  She is involved in regular free collective healing transmissions.


Helen is so honoured to be able to support you on your own journey, any way she can.

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