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Helen is an embodied awakening guide, coach and intuitive healer, who has supported and guided the healing and growth of many hundreds of people from all walks of life over two decades.

She offers her Being and Presence in service to Love, merging all of her healing tools, ongoing learning and intuitive wisdom in a flow that is Divinely directed in the highest interests of each co-creator. Her work spans leading pilgrimages to Egypt; supporting clients in a community stress centre; facilitating large group healing sessions; and meeting with individual clients from all over the world. Helen has taught healing, meditation and spiritual development to several hundred students and held transformative events globally.

These are the times of embodiment - with the movement and grounding of the Divine feminine in balance and union with what we may call the Divine masculine. So awakening - realizing deeply our true nature - does not take us "up and out" of human experience but deeply, intimately into it - as whole and Divine beings in a body, with history, memories and the capacity to feel intensely.


As a young girl, Helen pushed books around in a pram rather than a doll (!), always knowing writing was part of her destiny. Helen was born in Scotland, though she had a clear knowing at sixteen that she would eventually live in a very different environment. Her Celtic roots are a pervasive and essential element in her gifts.

There were two primary calls to awakening. First the birth of her daughter with a life affecting condition, when she was just eighteen. Then almost ten years later a journey with severe, chronic illness in her late twenties.

This turned her whole life in a different direction.

Back towards her own soul.

For many of us, it takes heartache, soul challenge or upheaval to crack open what has become cemented.

Always it is an act of Grace.

Through this gateway, Helen began to open to the essential connectedness of life and her calling to a path of spiritual enquiry and service.


Over a twenty year period, Helen studied and integrated many high vibration energy healing modalities and taught a number of students. Each was a key in her own wholeness and how she could be to service to others. Just some of these skills include Reiki Mastership; Light Grids Practitioner; Isis Healing: Angel Healing Teacher, Meditation Teacher and Professional Kinesiology Pracitioner.

In 2012, after a period of very intensive activation and expansion, Helen was called to drop all the previous "forms" of her group work and healing and bring through very high level ascension energies. She was also gifted a complete healing "system".

From local workshops, she led retreats and events around Europe, North America, Indonesia and Egypt.

By the end of 2105 Helen was again called to let all form drop away and entered an extended period of dissolution and further deep inner work. She emerges more fully embodied, with greater simplicity and humility, to serve Love, however It calls.

mystics in the world

Helen's role in bringing through Cosmic Divine Feminine codes and the evolution of consciousness comes through a direct relating to being in our body and through the portals of the heart, purified mind and womb space. Everything that arises in our life is Life moving through us, communicating, calling - whatever that may feel or look like. It is always right here.

Many of us hold ancient keys from many lineages, whether we have any realisation of this or not. And we are multi dimensional beings in human form who can learn how to access our other and higher aspects to best serve the Divine right here and now.

This is the time of "beyond". The time of crafting and dreaming into being New Earth. So in our dedication, we continually evolve as we dedicate to Truth and Love and how we can best learn, teach and support Self and others on our journey to wholeness and remaining awake to all that we are. Helen is passionate about supporting each of us as amazingly unique individuals in achieving our greatest wellbeing, realization and fullest Divine potential. Simultaneously we transform collective consciousness in our coming together.

Helen is mother to five very different and amazing children, who teach her endlessly and ground all levels of evolving the energies and paradigms of the Mother energy.


Helen has been given a vision and mission of co creating a centre of light and conscious living. If this is something that sings in your heart and soul, please do connect to explore our resonances.

Helen relocated to Mount Shasta, California in 2018 with some of her children and offers retreats, groups and individual sessions in California and globally.

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