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Angel Healing Training

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Angel Healing ® is not only a form of energy healing for yourself and others, but a spiritual enlightenment programme allowing you to access your full potential. It is a high vibrational system that awakens and strengthens your connection to the Angels and your inner Source-self within.


Now registered and recognised as the stand alone healing programme, Angel Healing ® continues to grow in popularity due to its down to earth teachings and the empowerment and unconditional love it brings to both student, practitioner and client alike.


In this Level 1 course you will become a fully certified Angel Healing ® student, giving you the skills to channel and work with the angels to bring about their healing for you and your family and friends.


Level 2 (two days) will allow you to practise professionally.




Level One


The Angel Healing ® Level 1 Course includes:


*Introduction to the Angelic Realms

*Working directly with angels for health and awareness

* the Rays of Enlightenment

* 16 individual Angel attunements to 16 of the main Archangels you will be working with in your healing

* How to communicate with and channel the Angels

* Angel Healing ® Hand Positions for others.

* Self Healing with the Angels

* connecting to your inner Source-self and tools for positive transformation

* With lots of love , practise, mediation and laughter too! A fun interactive course!


All students will receive a course manual, attunements, on- going support and an Angel Healing ® Certificate.


Open to everyone including complete beginners to Angel or energy healing work . Course cost is £110. A  non-refundable deposit of £30 is required to secure your place.


During the course its best to wear loose comfortable clothing, white or light in colour if possible too. Feel free to bring anything with you on the day you would like blessed with the beautiful angelic energy we will be working with.

Archangel Michael Metatron

Level Two


Open to all students who have already completed their Level 1 course.

In this Level 2 Angel Healing® course, you will become a fully certified Angel Healing® practitioner. 2 Day Course includes:


* Second round of Angel Attunements

* Deepening your communication and study with 16 of the main archangels from Level 1

* Raphael's Healing Symbols

* How to use the symbols for healing, health and ascension

* Heart Healing and Living in the Heart

* Advanced Energy Healing Techniques

* Remote Angel Healing®

* Angel Card Reading

* Angelic Counselling

* Transcending Fear, Ego and Shadows

* Channeled Meditations (will be catered for those attending)

* Affirmation writing

* Professional Ethics and Conduct

* And lots of fun and laughter besides! :)


All participants will receive a course manual, attunements, on-going support and a certificate upon completion of case studies, which will be handed out on the 2nd day of the course.


Course investment: £225 . A £75 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place. Book at Prices and Shop

See Course Schedule for forthcoming dates or contact Helen if you would like a course in your area.

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