Awakening Through the Heart


Angel Healing

Angel Healing ® is not only a form of energy healing for yourself and others, but a spiritual enlightenment programme allowing you to access your full potential. It is a high vibrational system that awakens and strengthens your connection to the Angels and your inner Source-self within. Angel Healing® is a re-awakened and continually evolving energy healing system which is beautifully powerful and supports healing at all levels. It channels healing from the Angelic realms. Treatments are given in a  similar manner to Reiki and other forms of energy healing so are very non-intrusive and deeply relaxing to receive. This healing is very powerful and a joy to give and receive!


Regardless of whether you have a belief, relationship or connection with the angels, you really have to experience the deeply beautiful warmth and power of this energy to experience the healing and transformative effects for yourself. Angel Healing® is also a spiritual tool which will deeply support you to access your full potential, and to be confident and happy with who you are.  


Angel Healing® is trademarked and highly respected therapy system now taught in the UK and Europe. It has been brought at this time by Archangel Raphael – the main angel of healing, peace  and renewal - through angel intuitive, Calista and combines other Angelic systems, alongside healing techniques and attunements from the Angelic Realm.


Helen offer this work also through distant healing and readings.

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