Awakening Through the Heart


Helen integrates and draws upon the modalities or combination of approaches guided for each person and session. She works intuitively to channel Divine healing in the way that is perfect  in that moment. Her preference is to allow structures to dissolve and to hold a powerfully loving and transformative healing space which facilitates a return to oneness and full Divine consciousness. We work across timelines and dimensions as appropriate.


The individual session may include various aspects of dialogue, presence, activations, energetic clearings, transmissions, light grids work, sacred sound and healing and more as guided in the perfect now moment.


Helen has a particular affiliation with and connection to the highest levels of Cosmic and galactic frequencies, integrates this in healing work and has the capacity to convey these light codes.


Influences include high vibrational ascension energies through Light Grids, Isis Healing, Sacred sound and tone; languages of light; Angel Healing,  Shamanic techniques,  Lightsystem, Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Priestess of the Moon, Kinesiology and energy testing, Karuna Reiki, Metatronia Therapy, spiritual coaching,  stress management, meditation, relaxation techniques and more.


In this way we draw on all  available, guided by the highest interests of the the whole Being in the moment. Individual sessions can be faciltated through skype to any location globally. Just email to arrange an appointment.

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Intuitive Multi dimensional

Energy Healing