Awakening Through the Heart


Isis Healing

This is a beautiful and complete re-awakened healing system with profound links to Isis and Ancient Egypt. The energy is gifted to us, through the  channel of Fotoula Adrimi, to create harmony, balance and natural wellbeing. The energy works through the  principle of unconditional love for both ourselves and the whole of creation. It is a very powerful and high vibration energy that takes us beyond the ego to our higher Divine self. It is a wonderful tool for our deep healing and growth.


Isis Healing brings us inner balance as well as between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, the two major forces in the universe. It enables us to honour and find these energies in our self and accept them. People who have trained in this system find it both a great addition to their work as well as an inspiration factor in their lives.


Helen was blessed to begin her (lifelong) training in 2011 with Fotoula Adrimi who is bringing the Isis system to us at this time. She is presently a Level Four practitioner.


Helen has also further deepened this work through the completion of the Two year Priestess of the Moon programme, culminating in two weeks of in depth work in Egypt..


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