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Kinesiology is a natural health care system, which uses gentle muscle  - or energy - testing to work on every aspect of health - physical, psychological, emotional, nutritional and spiritual- to identify and relieve blockages that may be disrupting the flow of energy around the body.


Kinesiology does not diagnose disease; it allows the body to reveal what it needs to restore optimum health and wellbeing. It is a very safe, health enhancing therapy, suitable for everyone from infants to the elderly.


Kinesiology was developed in the 1960's by Dr George Goodheart. It is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, linking these principles with Western knowledge of muscle testing, anatomy and physiology. The muscle responses are indicators of stress and imbalance in the body. Kinesiology allows the body to reveal, through very precise muscle testing, what it needs to restore health and balance. For further information see


Testing can involve the client raising their arms slightly and stabilizing them whilst the therapist applies very gentle downward pressure to test if the muscle remains "locked" under stress. The therapist uses gentle touch to test various muscles and gather information from the body, clarifying the possible causes of the difficulty. Muscle testing, including verbal questioning, will indicate the techniques required to restore energy balance and health.


A wide range of techniques are used to restore balance, reduce tension and enhance the body's innate healing ability. Balancing and treatment is uniquely individual but can involve a range of gentle and non-invasive techniques such as lightly touching or massaging reflex and acupressure points on the body to restore energy flow; specific body movements; working with meridians; nutritional changes and lifestyle choices.


Helen began training in kinesiology early in 1999 with Claire Tomlins, a leading exponent of "Three in One" kinesiology and Principal of  Harmony Kinesiology College. She became fully qualified as a professional kinesiologist in 2001. Helen specialises in Three in One Kinesiology which works to release the stress and fear that may be preventing us from achieving our true potential. Stressful events or traumas from the past can have an impact on many physical and emotional issues in the present. Three in One Kinesiology focuses particularly on releasing fear, negative emotional stress and unhelpful beliefs that may be preventing us from achieving optimum health and wellbeing.


It is a very safe and gentle therapy, which makes use of unique methods to identify the source of the problem or limitation and applies special "defusion" techniques to release the stress that is at the heart of the matter. Clients are entirely in charge of the process and the work places great importance on restoring choice to us each as individuals.




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