Awakening Through the Heart


Light Grids

"Light Grids touched my heart in a way nothing else has.  I felt a form of rebirth which resulted in me being Clear minded, Emotionally balanced and Energetically recharged.  Words can't convey the profound power behind this guided meditation except to say that my heart felt like it had come home. "    



Light Grids is a profound, loving transformational experience for your soul, not a technique. It is a very powerful means of spiritual and physical clearing. Damien Wynne, an incredible healer and channel, has brought through this channel and through Light Grids we tap into the highest vibrations available to us at this time. Helen is one of only a handful of Light Grids Practitioners presently offering this exceptional transformationa light work in the UK.


Light Grids works on the frequencies in our energetic field, which are a blueprint of our history from every experience of every life. Instead of peeling off the layers, we are enabled to go directly into our core. The result? More light, more clarity, bringing in more of your soul and divine self into all of your cells, so that you can be who you truly are.Light Grids holds a space for deep soul healing through our hearts. It is about truly coming home. This work creates a powerful shift and brings about rapid change. Light Grids is a beautiful gift that has come forward at this time  as we are ready to receive these gifts and to anchor this Light.


Every session and group is as unique as our own vibration in that moment and as Light Grids is  continually expanding and evolving – as is consciousness and Source itself. The experience works deeply at an energetic and spiritual level, and so through the layers of the emotional, mental and physical body too. You will develop and hold your own divine connection through your heart. The channel can be experienced through individual sessions and is particularly potent in group clearings and healings.

from the heart


If you are ready to clear limiting patterns and bring in more of your Light, more of your Soul; to live through your heart – then come experience what Light Grids can do. This is about each of us dropping deeply into our heart and clearing space to really embody more and of our Divine essence, our soul. We can hold much more Light and learn how to continue to raise our own frequencies and those of others.


Light Grids is available in individual sessions and  groups. All will work in the way that is uniquely best for you in that moment. You may be guided through a deep meditation; supported to release old fears and programmes and create space to allow in higher vibration healing energies. There will be deeply nurturing space to support this healing process and integration. Sessions can be in person or worldwide via skype.


Damien Wynne,

founder of Light Grids

A Light Grids group session participant - February 2014 says:


"It was the most powerful spirit filled afternoons I have spent in a long time... Helen, You are amazing...and what a humble setting for such greatness to flow  through someone. I feel so fortunate to have been in the room while you brought to everyone there your incredible intuitive and peace giving power.. Thank you!"


                                                                     Friday Night Light Group





Come and participate in this wonderful collective healing and light space.

Helen facilitates and co-creates a group for deep and profoundly relaxing inner transformation at every level.


So whether you simply want to relax deeply and be bathed in healing energy or are ready for core shifts this is a unique opportunity. All that is asked of you is to lie down, relax and receive. The more of us in the group the more powerful the shifts!


Bring your open heart and join us for an evening of profound relaxation and core transformation. This is your invitation to experience this transformative group clearing and healing work ~ a profound, loving transformational experience for your soul.  As One we are supported by the most powerful Divine frequencies of Light to transcend our stories and patterns and to step fully into our limitless potential. Release old patterns and beliefs and be more of YOU, supported by the loving power of the highest frequency light flowing to us now.  


No experience necessary! And you are free to drop in to any session or come each month but please book your spot.

Next dates -  TBC as Helen is travelling

Inthe Moment Yoga Studios, Berkeley Street, Glasgow

Bring a blanket mat and pillow for your comfort if you can. Some mats will be available.


Helen works through the Sacred Heart and Light Grids, sharing the Way of the Heart and Light. She integrates numerous tools of light and healing to facilitate profound space for both “personal” and collective clearing and expansion, through Love. ♥



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