Awakening Through the Heart


Healing and Light Transmissions

Sacred Healing and Light Transmissions

~ Every Wednesday 21.30 pm GMT


Since July 2013, Helen has been guided to bring through and offer free global healing session, organised online, publicised via facebook and which you can access wherever you are in the world. No need for skype or computer, just you.


This has evolved and merged into a weekly space, co-hosted with Sally Phillips, who began weekly Wednesday night healings in May 2013 - and now Ariette Loeffen -and also to a special series of montly events linking sacred numbers since 22.2.14


Together we:

anchor and share frequencies of Light on Earth

support the healing at all levels of body, mental patterns, emotions and spirit

support our soul alignment and growth

reconnect to Source

become One in a field of Light and healing


Together we bring in more light, clearing and raising our frequencies and allowing the true "Self" to step forward, embracing all of our Divine potential. The healing is multi-dimensional in that it is available to all aspects of (y) our soul and works beyond time. It is available to all, offered to all in love.


All that is required is to sit quietly in relaxation or meditation if possible, breathe into your heart space, quieten your mind and intend to receive sacred healing in alignment with your highest good on all levels. If you are busy at the time of the transmission, set your intention to connect and receive at a later time that is right for you. Feel and know that you are part of a huge – and growing – web of Light.


The Wednesday night healings are at 9.30pm GMT





You are invited to continue to participate in the receiving, actualization and anchoring of Cosmic Divine Feminine frequencies that will assist in the flow Universal consciousness and evolution.


Since 1.1.15 a field has been building; creating a space each month to focus on the unprecedented inflow of Cosmic Divine Feminine energies. This has been evolving through a series of light transmissions - as well as in person gatherings- and is contributing to the greater expression of entirely "new" levels of the Divine Feminine in every aspect of Being.


Star codes, light codes and Christ consciousness frequencies are being gifted to support the ascension of all and the further rebalancing of the Divine on Earth , through the Cosmic Mother.

The transmission is guided and supported by many archetypes and Beings of light who are expressions of the great Cosmic Mother, the highest expression of Source. It is also directed and guided by many High Councils of Light, including the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Light and Sisterhood of the Rose.


For a number of years, the Sacred work has been ongoing to return the Divine Feminine frequencies to Earth. For millennia, there has been a flow to suppress, distort and silence the feminine. She has returned in Divine power to be anchored and fully integrated in each soul and on Gaia - in full and whole balance with the Divine Masculine. Each soul carries masculine and feminine in Divine balance and to move into full Divine Union with Source we are called to heal ancient patterns carried in all our soul imprints and cellular memories. Here the collective patterns between masculine and feminine are held so that they may rise into the light.We are ready to transform and so embodying our fullness in Divinity as both strong and vulnerable; fully in the heart and at One with pure awareness whilst deeply in this body. We are held and embraced by Cosmic Mother, the Great Mother in pure, unconditional Love and light. All is returned to Love.


It is time for the truth to be anchored in every heart; for a reclaiming of the Cosmic Divine Mother frequencies in to every soul – whether expressed in masculine or feminine gender and physical form. This is for ALL. The Mother that is beyond form and that has always been, that births All.


The main pulse will be in line with the full moon UK time, but this is a whole day space... We of course operate beyond time and space so so connect when convenient ♥ This is virtual event, so all that is required is your intention to connect. If convenient, find a quiet place, lay down, relax, meditate and connect to your Sacred Heart. Breathe, relax, and receive from and through Great Mother. ♥ From the Heart of Creation ♥

Cosmic Divine Mother Light transmissions

monthly with the full moon


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All the light transmissions  and group healing work is offered free and with joy and love. Your donations from the heart are gratefully received to support the continuation of this work .

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