Awakening Through the Heart



Lightsystem is a path of the Heart and Light – for healing our spirits so that we return to the remembrance of our oneness and reconnect to the Light that we are.


Lightsystem restores Light; returns the memory of Light; allows Divine Light to expand and flow within and without. It is a system of Light and ascension now being returned to earth to support us on our journey of healing and awakening. It is a system that can be used by anyone, regardless of background or religious beliefs. No experience is necessary. No understanding of the energy body is prerequisite.


This system is brought to you through Helen as a channel, and is a deep blessing to live and work with. Helen is privileged and greatly honoured to be called to bring this ancient sacred ascension energy, returned to earth at this time for our pathway. She is being taught and guided to use this energy, to share it with others so that we may all together progress on the pathway of evolution, raising our vibration and that of the planet. She calls together all whose hearts are touched by this work for we all do this work together for the benefit of One and All.


There are two main strands to the system at this time:


Healing work


Clients can come for individual healing sessions of the Lightsystem. As an energy healing practice, it is not unlike receiving Reiki for example, in that the recipient lies down, relaxes deeply and receives the energy. The Lightsystem energy is very high vibration. It is used specifically to increase the vibrational rate within the light body and the cells. In that sense it is almost “physical”, that is, it has a very “material” effect – of changing the measurable vibratory rate of anything. And so, in effect, as our vibration rises, we resonate at different levels, we think different thoughts, eat different foods, choose different behaviours. The change at an energy level manifests and flows into creating more Love, more joy, more Light, more Oneness.


Spiritual practices and development


Through teachings, healing and development practices, we learn to connect to our own light, to bring in more and more of this to our physical bodies and to assist others in the process. It is an alive and evolving system that grows and changes as we do too. It comes at the time when all are being asked to step forth, to step up, to really own and shine their light for the good of all


Helen also shares and works with the system with groups and in workshops.


Helen’s journey with this sacred energy began years before she was conscious of it and indeed, was always meant to be. The teachers who support and shape this work are beautiful beings of light, utterly committed to the ascension of Earth and humankind. This is the time for courage, integrity and Truth.; the time for Light. Doors will open which you could not have dreamt of. Step into more joy, more light and more love than ever before.


being of light