Awakening Through the Heart




What is Meditation?



Meditation takes many forms. It is, put simply, a mental discipline that helps you change your relationship with your normal, reflexive, reactive thinking mind so that deeper states of insight, awareness and relaxation can emerge. Meditation can be completely secular (ie for personal development, stress management, increased productivity or mental clarity) but it has its roots in ancient spiritual practices across many traditions.


In these groups, my approach is to use meditation as a means to access our true self; to become more connected to our spiritual essence, expanding and anchoring this through our body more and more. The practice of meditation can radically change our consciousness so that we start to breakup our social conditioning (our ideas and beliefs about who and what we are) and drop into a much deeper, more expansive experience of ourselves and life itself.


A regular meditation practice is a huge support to anyone who is truly interested in their personal growth. Whatever our motivation for meditating, it has numerous benefits, but as we deepen and expand our motivation to the widest possible available to us, our practice becomes very clearly about our communal growth and development.


Helen incorparates meditation into much of her work as a means to access the deep space and foundation within. She often integrates healing energies with a meditative experiences.


Helen offers one to one support with this through consultations - wherever you may be in aroaching meditation - as well as facilitating regular groups.