8.8 meditation on Glastonbury Tor


We come home to ourselves through nurturing this intimate rediscovery of what was always here. Helen has been exploring, sharing and teaching meditative approaches as a foundation for grounded awakening for over twenty years. She has recorded free resources which can be accessed on her YouTube channel, Soundcloud and insight timer. Your support in subscribing and following is very much appreciated.

Thursday 19th March, 10am PST

Join in this collective meditation to nourish our connection to harmony, calm and profound wellbeing. Since scheduling this meditation, humanity is moving through a massive cycle of release and expansion as we navigate global challenges of the coronavirus and economic disintegration.

Equinox is a gateway where we are supported with a powerful influx of Cosmic codes to call us to balance. It is vital that we align with what is true in our Beings and our hearts. You can read a blog on this here.

This meditation is being offered freely to call together many of us, consciously in deep and silent meditation, aligning with the purity and power of what is true. In this, we create a holding space, not only for our own selves and loved ones but spreading through the field of planetary consciousness.

Equinox occurs at 8.50pm PST on 19th March, so we are creating this field which can then be expanded, sustained and grounded ongoing through the gateway. There are many collective gatherings, virtually and physically over this time. Let us all align to the highest possible frequency of Divine Love and harmony.

Please settle yourself in a place where you can focus fully. There will be a brief opening then we sit together in silent meditation for thirty minutes. You can also connect offline and simply through your pure intention.

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Deepest gratitude for being the change.

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