an invitation

Thank you for making this commitment to yourSelf.

Our work is embedded in willingness.

To show up.

To meet all of ourself in the deepest , tenderest places.

I meet you here.

If you would like to explore together, you are warmly invited to join the monthly program for a deeper commmitment.

Embodied light monthly mentoring and support

To have an anam cara - "soul friend" in Gaelic is such a blessing on this walk of Life. We all have busy lives and even though our spiritual growth may be a priority, we can tend to let other things take our time and energy. We may seek a healing session when things become particularly challenging or intense or our body is communicating pain.

When we dedicate to staying in the exploration with the support and witnessing of a trusted guide, we are saying a greater YES to LIfe, to ourSelves, to Love, above all.

If you have already been working with Helen then you can join the monthly program. This allows us to go further in the enquiry of wholeness; to address cores issues and to invite unknown levels of consciousness as your system adapts and changes.

You will have one specially discounted individual session with Helen every month, at a time of your choosing. A place to touch in, be met, reflected, held and explore the next layers of growth.

You also can reach out between sessions by email with questions, sharings or anything that is arising.

This is a month to month basis, so can be cancelled at any time, yet gives you discounts and special access to one to one support.

If you would like more frequent sessions, I warmly encourage you to book a three or six session package which gives a significant discount.

Your membership brings you:

  • $33 saving on one INDIVIDUAL session with Helen each month
  • Private email support of up to once a week.
  • special offers on events



of a beautiful healing meditation audio when you subscribe.

Why not take the lead on your journey of growth, and make this commitment to supporting yourself a priority?

I look forward to our deepening.

All of the above with monthly mentorship


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