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Falling in to Love



Surrendering to our true multi- dimensional Self as Love


A global meditation 14th February 3pm UK time.



In love, there is no 'you' to fall in love, and no separate 'other' with whom you fall.

For when and where there is love, the illusory 'you' and 'me' divide has already fallen,

into silence and unspeakable vastness.

Love is not a destination, friend, but the ground of all things, seen and unseen.- Jeff Foster



Helen has been called by the Star Councils to hold a space for a multi dimensional meditation

and activation on this beautiful and potent day of Love enhanced by the celebration of Valentines Day.

We are all Beloveds and this gathering will call us into a deeper remembrance and experience of our infinite

capacity to receive, be and express our true nature as Love. The call will last approximately an hour.


In this sacred space we are taken deeply into the Love that we are. In opening Divine Presence we reconnect to experiences and depths of Divine Love that are our essential Being and Truth. With the assistance of our star brethern we will access higher dimensions and codes of light and receive a higher heart activation which will enhance our natural joy and alignment and nourish us in our continuing journeys of embodying more of our unlimited multidemensional nature.


You are invited to bathe in Love and emerge activated at a cellular and DNA level to be a clearer, greater expression of Divinity in form, of love in action. In coming together in conscious intention we each and all give great gifts to the expansion of collective consciousness and the raising of the love frequency on this planet and into the galaxy (and beyond!)


Please register here.  The exchange is £11.11.

You will then receive the link to the event.

Access is via Zoom ( on your computer or smartphone so you can connect from wherever you are on earth. The gathering will last approximately an hour.

If you cannot listen live, you will receive a recording to access as many times as you like.


This event is a partner event to a physical one being facilitated by Sally Philips in Southampton and the field of the two groups – physical and gathering virtually - will be merging in service and expansion of love.


Your Presence is so appreciated and valued.