Awakening Through the Heart


Reiki Training

Reiki 1 (Foundation level) Workshop


1 day    9.30am – 5.30pm


• Investment: £111 total - includes handbook and Certificate.


Learn to use this Japanese healing system and develop the ability to deeply relax, balance and heal yourself, family and friends. Not only can Reiki help with all types of pain, illness and stress, it is a fantastic tool for personal growth and development.


The course includes information on what Reiki actually is; its history and development and how it works. You will be attuned to enable you to work with Reiki energy for your own or others’ healing. There will be lots of opportunity for practical experience. Ongoing support is available to all students.


Refreshments provided and please bring lunch to share.

Reiki 2 (Practitioner level) workshop


1 day      9.30 - 5.30   £133 including manual and certificate.


Building on Reiki 1, this course introduces new skills to expand and develop your Reiki abilities and this is the training you require if you wish to begin practising Reiki professionally, if you desire. It is of course also wonderful if your intention is to simply deepen and extend your own Reiki treatments and practice.


You will be attuned to three powerful Reiki symbols and learn how give treatments at a distance.  The day is very experiential and practical and there will be lots of opportunity for sharing and working with the energy.


On successful completion of case studies, you will receive your certificate.


Refreshments provided but please bring lunch to share.

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1 day  9.30 - 5.30 £155, including manual and certificate


A Powerful workshop focusing on techniques to increase the scope and effectiveness of your Reiki practice. You will receive the Usui Master symbol and Master Practitioner attunement to accelerate your personal & spiritual development and expand and deepen your work with others.


The Advanced course is particularly helpful for practitioners who would like more tools to work at deeper levels with clients. The Advanced course is also wonderful for anyone who would like to receive the Master Practitioner Attunement and learn more powerful healing techniques for their own benefit as well as for their work with others.


It is an excellent preparation for the Master Teacher Level, but whether or not you may move on to teach in the future, it encompasses some very powerful ways of raising the vibration and working with the Reiki energy on deep psychological levels. These teachings are wonderful for yourself as well as for your clients and as such provide valuable tools for your deep healing, personal development and spiritual growth.


Course content includes:

• Attunement to Master Practitioner Level.

• The Usui Master Symbol: form, mantra, use and effects.

• Aura Cleansing/Psychic surgery.

• Deep meditations for healing, manifesting goals, assisting focus and expansion of consciousness; to ground, centre and connect to our                                  

        higher self.  

• Setting up and working with a crystal grid.

• Practical application and experience of new techniques


You will be required to successfully complete some case study material to demonstrate your competency with the concepts and practices at this level in order to obtain your certificate. Refreshments provided but please bring lunch to share.

Advanced Reiki Training - Master Practitioner

Reiki Master Teacher Training



Seven years after her Reiki 1 and 2 initiations, the time was right for Helen to step into Reiki mastership.

Then seven years on from her own Mastership learning, it was the time for Helen to offer a full Reiki

mastership programme to those Reiki students ready for this step.


You will have no doubts in your heart that this step is right for you. You will have had Reiki in your life for some time and be feeling the call to go deeper. Maybe you are guided to share and teach, or maybe you just know this is your next step. Helen will be offering the Mastership programme to a small group over a six month period.


The core of the training begins over a three day period and is followed up with three half days over the following six month period.

There are also requirements for each student to assist on several Reiki training courses.


Investment is £555,which can be paid in installments. There is a non-refundable deposit of £100 payable to reserve your place. Do express your interest and  contact Helen if you would like to discuss this further as places are limited to four students.....see more...

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