Awakening Through the Heart


Sacred Healing Retreat 2013


18-25th June 2013,


Orgiva, Las Alpujarras, Spain



This is your invitation.

Step in. Step in to your light.

Step in to the light and love awaiting you

in this sacred space.


We will do deep healing work, for ourselves,

as a group and for us all.

The mountains, sun and land of the Orgiva valley are calling us back

to take forward on the work begun in 2012., and before..                                                                                                                                                                                                            



A small group is called to come together in this stunning and healing location for a week in June.

The intention for this retreat is to create and hold a space for our fullest personal and collective healing.

The flow and dance of the time is led by Spirit so will grow and evolve with the group called to come together. We draw on a range of high vibration healing energies, particularly the Light System, an ancient re-awakened ascension energy that Helen is helping to anchor and also Light Grids, the Angelic realms, Isis, Reiki and more. We work in partnership and ceremony with the land and its energies to heal Mother Earth and all of us.


There will be deep healing and spiritual empowerments. We share meditations under the morning sun and the evening stars. We go deeply into the wisdom and healing power of the land and the sun. We find stillness, healing and our own deep beauty. There is  also  much space for you to just be still with yourself, or others as you choose.


No experience is necessary. Whilst experience of a healing energy (for example, Reiki) is helpful, if you are guided to be with us, then it is right for you. You will be held in the collective light and healing of the group and opened to immensely powerful tools to support your evolution. This is for you quite simply if it calls to your heart.


Intentions for the Retreat

o To create a sacred healing space for the group, drawing on a range of powerful healing energies and the medicine of the land and sun.

o To support our individual and collective journeys of healing and transformation.

o To harness the power of our souls coming together consciously in a space of healing for the highest good of all.

o To share our hearts and wisdom, deepening our healing exponentially


The investment for the retreat is only £495, which can be paid in instalments. Accommodation and food costs are separate. Accommodation is between £100 and £170, depending on the number of participants. There is a maximum of six places. You are responsible for your own travel arrangements and costs.. Budget flights are available daily to Malaga. The Tuesdays are travel days.


The base for the week is a newly refurbished cortijo (country house) on the edges of the Andalucian town of Orgiva. The house is  set on a working organic olive farm, with mountain views, in four  acres of land. It has a wood burning stove  for chilly evenings, patio shaded by ancient olive trees and an alberca pool for a refreshing dip. Some rooms are double rooms, so please indicate  when booking if you are prepared to share.


Orgiva itself is a very special place, unspoilt and  authentic yet it calls people from across Europe who are interested in spirituality, healing and conscious living. The valley itself links into other powerful healing points across the planet. Orgiva sits at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, yet is only thirty minutes from the sea.


A £100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place. There are spaces for a maximum of 6 people  so please register, with your deposit as soon as possible.


If this calls to your heart, listen. You can make this commitment to your spiritual journey on this planet. Honour and nourish your spirit.


Last year’s participants say:


"The retreat was everything and more that I had hoped for”                                                                                                            Betty


"Helen was a luminous facilitator for those on the retreat.  She was sensitive to the needs of the group and of individuals. The healing and spiritual rituals and attunements were conducted with grace and deep respect for the participants and for the Light for which she is a channel.  There was always a sense of flow to the days…  Activities were balanced by free time to integrate new energies , to be alone or with others. Nowhere was there hurry.


For me this was a wonderful healing and spiritually uplifting week.  The immediate benefit to me is a feeling of spiritual realignment and a strengthening of the connection to the divine.  Some physical problems have resolved, I feel more centred, have more clarity of mind and I feel reinvigorated spiritually –keen to go deeper with spirit in my daily practice and in my daily activities. ..I am sure these benefits will become more profound as time passes and these energies integrate at a deeper level.  I feel a deep connection with, and am profoundly grateful to, the other members of the group who undertook this journey to the Light."                                                                                                                            Stan


“The retreat was very well led in a lovely relaxed yet informed and energising way... There was plenty time and space to integrate, and we were well nourished in all aspects of spiritual work, allowing for greater work and personal work and attention. The work was high level work with higher consciousnesses from higher realms. We adapted well to that. Some of the work felt deeply personally relevant or familiar in terms of the land or the ceremony and I suddenly knew why I was here…other times I just enjoyed the flood of energy that generally swept over and through us as retreat energy in group....It was highly participatory in that the work required us, and also that we were able to share our own healing abilities to benefit the retreat, our companions in retreat and vice versa were able to bask in healing energy or receive healing attentions of great magnitude, or whatever required.”                                                                                                                                                                                                         Ruby


"It is very difficult to sum up the wonderful gifts from the retreat and adventures in Spain. These experiences are priceless and can only be given by a highly developed being on the path of love and devotion, who is committed to our collective and individual evolution. Someone wise and fearless who is entrusted to share these precious energies and to inspire others with her grace, presence and wisdom. What an incredible week. I am truly grateful to have been part of it.”                                                                                                                                                    Carol Ann


Further details and terms on booking or contact Helen with enquiries.


Contact Helen at or 07952668271 to reserve your space soon as numbers are limited, or with any questions at all.



View over Orgiva

"a place of magic and golden healing"