Awakening Through the Heart

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"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

                        Mahatma Ghandi

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Helen fully supports the principle of affordable access to holistic therapy for all so a proportion of all therapy sessions are available on a "Pay what You can" basis. Just contact Helen if interested

All sessions are available in person, globally remotely or via Skype. Just email for a time to suit.

As Helen's journey with healing, light and consciousness, as practitioner and teacher, has evolved over the years, it became central to gravitate from differentiating between different "therapies" and towards offering consultations or  sessions focussed and guided entirely by the highest good of the participant. As deeply as you are open, we connect to your innate inner wisdom and potential and we draw on any or all of the light frequencies and healing tools available to support your growth, expansion, goals and optimum healing.


So there is no need to "know" or identify which therapy you would like to book for. However Helen is professionally trained and qualified in all of the therapies below (and more!) which direct and influence all aspects of the work. So if you are drawn to work with Helen, we will be guided and supported in the way that is perfect for you at that time. She is always happy to answer any questions or explore anything you would like to beforehand - by email or in person.


Individual consultations available globally via skype.

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Mount Shasta Summer 2017


Individual consulations at a special rate of $75

Also Skype and remote sessions globally