Awakening Through the Heart



Come and participate in this wonderful collective healing and light space. Bring your open heart and join us for profound relaxation and core transformation. Through guided meditation, silence and receiving healing vibrations we can open transformative group clearing and healing and a profoundly loving and nourishing experience for the soul.  Helen facilitates and co-creates a space for deep and relaxation and alignment at every level. We are supported by powerful Divine frequencies of Light to transcend our stories and patterns and to step fully into our limitless potential. Release old patterns and beliefs and be more of YOU, supported by the loving power and intelligence of the highest light frequencies flowing to us. So whether you simply want to let go deeply and be bathed in healing energy or are ready for core shifts this is a unique opportunity.  No experience necessary.
Meditation, Healing & Light
Helen may draw on any of her healing tools  as appropriate for the client and session.
One to one consultation
Up to one hour at a mutually convenient time, wherever you are in the world, supporting your personal journey of awakening, healing and growth.
Skype/remote session
One hour Reiki healing
Reiki Healing
This day introduces you to the wonderful healing energy of Reiki. You will be attuned so that you can begin to use this energy for both yourself and others.
Reiki 1 Workshop
Energy exchange for amount of your choice
Available from £10 for any amount. Can be used in full or part payment for any treatment or training.
Gift certificate
Falling into Love - a global meditation 14th February 3pm
Online meditation
The 6 week Beginners Meditation Course is designed to introduce a variety of meditation techniques even if you have never meditated before, yet is suitable for all levels.  The course helps connect us to a centre of greater peace and stillness and to begin to know ourself and so manage our life more meaningfully. Learning meditation is a wonderful skill to gift to ourself, and daily practice can help us feel calmer, more positive and centred and able to deal with whatever life brings.  Meditation gives us the space inside ourself, not just while we’re meditating but in ‘real life’ too, to step back from external events and find a peace that rightfully belongs to each of us.
Beginners Meditation Course

Individual consultation /healing sesssion  - in person or Skype/ distant        

£55 1 hour.                          


I support access for all and believe income restrictions should not create obstacles to wellbeing. A proportion of all individual consultations and workshop places are available on sliding scale exchange basis, (minimum £30).


Workshops                                                                                          from £30