Awakening Through the Heart



Angel Healing ® is not only a form of energy healing for yourself and others, but a spiritual enlightenment programme allowing you to access your full potential. It is a high vibrational system that awakens and strengthens your connection to the Angels and your inner Source-self within.In this Level 1 course you will become a fully certified Angel Healing ® student, giving you the skills to channel and work with the angels to bring about their healing for you and your family and friends.
Angel Healing®  Level One
Two day professional practitioner training, open to anyone who has completed Angel Healing Level One with any teacher.
Angel Healing Level Two
In this sacred gathering of soul and star family and friends, we will bring forth the Light and Frequencies of the New Earth. The New Golden Lemurian Light - as it is now in its full Divine potential - will birth through our BE-ing and the womb portal at Sacred Mount Shasta.
Co-Creating New Earth - Shasta, California
The7 week Beginners Meditation and Spiritual Development Course is designed to introduce a variety of meditation techniques even if you have never meditated before, yet is suitable for all levels.  The course helps connect you to a centre of greater peace and stillness and to begin to know yourself and so manage your life more meaningfully. Learning meditation is a wonderful skill to gift to yourself, and daily practise can help you feel calmer, more positive and centred and able to deal with whatever life brings.  Meditation gives you the space inside yourself, not just while you’re meditating but in ‘real life’ too, to step back from external events and find a peace that rightfully belongs to each of us.
Beginners Meditation and Spiritual Development Course
Advanced or Master Practitioner level is a significant step on your Reiki journey.
Reiki Master Practitioner Workshop
Helen is creating and holding this space to link up with other Lightworkers, supported and guided by Archangel Metatron,  who are creating a Light Circle, on this powerful Winter Solstice. This Circle will help anchor the incoming high vibration energies into the Earth.
Winter Solstice Light Circle
Join us for this incredible week of healing and transformation held in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, under the Andalucian sun. Orgiva, Spain 18-15th June 2013.
Sacred Healing Retreat

Individual consultation /healing sesssion  - in person or Skype/ distant        

£55 1 hour.                          


I support access for all and believe income restrictions should not create obstacles to wellbeing. A proportion of all individual consultations and workshop places are available on sliding scale exchange basis, (minimum £30).


Workshops                                                                                          from £30