Awakening Through the Heart



Beginners Meditation Course


The 6 week Beginners Meditation Course is designed to introduce a variety of meditation techniques even if you have never meditated before, yet is suitable for all levels.  The course helps connect us to a centre of greater peace and stillness and to begin to know ourself and so manage our life more meaningfully. Learning meditation is a wonderful skill to gift to ourself, and daily practice can help us feel calmer, more positive and centred and able to deal with whatever life brings.  Meditation gives us the space inside ourself, not just while we’re meditating but in ‘real life’ too, to step back from external events and find a peace that rightfully belongs to each of us.
A variety of approaches are used so participants will have the opportunity to explore their experience.  Mediation is offered in the context of inviting attendees to experience the feeling of connectedness to tone's true self and to the Universe in which we exist.