Awakening Through the Heart



Co-Creating New Earth - Shasta, California

£93.00 (Sold out)

In this sacred gathering of soul and star family and friends, we will bring forth the Light and Frequencies of the New Earth. The New Golden Lemurian Light - as it is now in its full Divine potential - will birth through our BE-ing and the womb portal at Sacred Mount Shasta.

The key purpose of this co-creation is the crystallisation process for humanity and for Gaia herself; to encode the new frequencies and light into the grids; with our star families and Ascended Beings of Light to unite Heaven and Earth – here and now in New Earth.

Together we create the paradigm shifts that lead all upwards in vibration, establishing New Earth. We do this through awakening heart and soul and bringing essence into the cellular structures, by engaging the light of Being into all strands of the DNA. Awakening the dormant codes that we have all been gifted from before birth. The sacred knowledge is within and the doorway is the Heart. This is THE time of Divine Union at all levels and our call is to support this merging.  We will be working with the womb portal, the amniotic fluid of the spring water of Shasta and the birthing energies of Great Mother to support this co-creation. Each one of us called here is present in specific focus as part of a Pod Consciousness which will take this field and these frequencies out – to their soul group, and to the collective fields.
$144 for 14th evening and 15th all day = £93