Awakening Through the Heart


Spiritual coaching

Spiritual coaching is a core element of Helen's work with Beings who seek more whole-ness, alignment and are exploring their experience of Life. Helen is passionate about connecting on a soul level to explore how each of us can find the next steps on our unique unfolding path. She holds a powerfully loving and transformative healing space which facilitates a return to oneness and deeper awakeneing to and embodiment of Divine consciousness. We work across timelines and dimensions as appropriate.


Helen's approach embraces our multi dimensional nature so that expansion and solutions emerge from the deepest field. We work across timelines and dimensions as appropriate.


A session may involve the combination of listening, exploration, Presence, dialogue, high vibrational energy work and other tools as guided and appropriate. Helen draws on her many learnings, professional trainings and experience in counselling, healing, teaching and therapeutic roles for several decades, all founded in her deep spiritual commitment and exploration.All of this work involves integrating as fully as possible a lifes' learning, supported by energy work as appropriate, and grounded absolutely in the requirements of the Being in the moment.


Helen has worked in a one to one roles supporting individuals to access their fullest potential in many different settings. She draws on her many learnings and experience in counselling and supportive roles for several decades in different capacities, including a community health initiative and stress management centre. She has worked with people across a great spectrum from chronic illness  and  mental health issues to committed spiritual seekers.


Sessions are most commonly offered through skype, wherever you are in the world at a mutually convenient time. Just email to book.

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