Awakening Through the Heart



"Having attended workshops as a participant and, more importantly, as an attendee of workshops led by Helen, I have no hesitation in vouching for her integrity and effectiveness in bringing about significant, life-enhancing change. Her 'presence' is both quiet and deeply powerful. .. what she has to say is certainly worth listening to and stems from a lifetime of dedicated experience  and tangible awareness of the inner life. Helen has the rare gift of conveying her deep sense of Spirit and relationship with Source to others in a gentle but pervasive way which leaves the recipient feeling truly Blessed and deeply enriched.  


 My personal experience of Helen's support of this growth and awareness of my own inner journey into what it means to be fully human, allows me to endorse, without hesitation, her continuing Work in the task of assisting others to explore and attain their full consciousness of the physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual Beings that we each are."  

                                                                                                                                           - Maggi Sale, author


"Thank you so much for leading us in our Light Grids journey yesterday. It is always a privilege to work with you as you lead either in a workshop or a meditation group. May Spirit continue to use you in such a clear way to help more and more people in their journey towards the Light."                                                                         Kathy


"Helen was a luminous facilitator for those on the retreat.  She was sensitive to the needs of the group and of individuals. The healing and spiritual rituals and attunements were conducted with grace and deep respect for the participants and for the Light for which she is a channel.  There was always a sense of flow to the days as we were led through processes, rituals, attunements; listened to great music, chanted; or went to the mountains or into Orgiva for the market or to shop.  Activities were balanced by free time to integrate new energies , to be alone or with others. Nowhere was there hurry.


For me this was a wonderful healing and spiritually uplifting week.  The immediate benefit to me is a feeling of spiritual realignment and a strengthening of the connection to the divine.  Some physical problems have resolved, I feel more centred, have more clarity of mind and I feel reinvigorated spiritually –keen to go deeper with spirit in my daily practice and in my daily activities. The attunement to the new energies of the “Web of Light” have brought physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.  I am sure these benefits will become more profound as time passes and these energies integrate at a deeper level.  I feel a deep connection with, and am profoundly grateful to, the other members of the group who undertook this journey to the Light."                   Stan Giles, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Therapist


"Thank you for your constant support. Feeling magical."                                                                              Karen


"The retreat was everything and more that I had hoped for- I felt cared for and supported.  Having choice to dip in and out of the healing space, to be with the group or on my own felt really important to me and was respected by Helen.  Although there was structure to each day, it also had a sense of seamlessness and spontaneity to it, which I felt were necessary for my individual journey.  Something I would do again with the same facillitator."                 Betty, Therapist


"Fantastic, emotional.."                                                                                                                               Kalutha


"Mind blowing. Interesting. Humbling."                                                                                     Claire


"Beautiful!"                                                                                                                                                   Seona


"The course was excellent and I would recommend taking part in any future courses to anyone who is interested in learning Reiki."                                                                                                                                     Linda


"Excellent. Enjoyable and fulfilling."                                                                                                         Rhona


"Brilliant."                                                                                                                                                     Florence


“The retreat was very well led in a lovely relaxed yet informed and energising way... There was plenty time and space to integrate, and we were well nourished in all aspects of spiritual work, allowing for greater work and personal work and attention. The work was high level work with higher consciousnesses from higher realms. We adapted well to that. Some of the work felt deeply personally relevant or familiar in terms of the land or the ceremony and I suddenly knew why I was here…other times I just enjoyed the flood of energy that generally swept over and through us as retreat energy in group.


It was highly participatory in that the work required us, and also that we were able to share our own healing abilities to benefit the retreat, our companions in retreat and vice versa were able to bask in healing energy or receive healing attentions of great magnitude, or whatever required.”                                         Ruby




back to earth

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe,

deserve your love and affection.

When you love yourself.....

You will become Love itself.


You start accepting yourself to know the light you are.

Then you will become so radiant with love,

that you will overflow with love

and will start spreading it to all the people

with no difference of race, religion, nationality "


~✿~ Buddha

"Light Grids touched my heart in a way nothing else has.  I felt a form of rebirth which resulted in me being Clear minded, Emotionally balanced and Energetically recharged.  Words can't convey the profound power behind this guided meditation except to say that my heart felt like it had come home. "                       Carolyn



"We dived Deep (!) into the Heart. Into Love. Love for mySelf, for Life. I felt One with All; at times my body disappeared totally. All there was was this immense intense 'Be-ing'; no time, no space (no borders), 'just' Oneness. At other times there was this experience of being Everything; every sound that was heard, every feeling, a breeze, 'my' body was in me ánd I was in 'my' body. And then again there was seemingly nothing. Unity. Connection with life itself.


All kinds of symbols were being 'downloaded'. And I saw the most incredible colours. Also a lot of shadow sides and old images came by. Past lives? They literally came by. Since they were being seen in this sphere of unconditional Love they were not there to stay; just to be seen, to be accepted, embraced with Love. Then they went again. Transformation...


Helen led us through every meditation and attunement with her loving and soft sweet voice. She clearly is full of love and light herself and that makes her perfect for the job (which is playing really if you see her) to guide us in and through these spheres.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who feels drawn to be Love more. You won't regret it, just Dive in Deep!"                                       - Ariette, Netherlands


"It is very difficult to sum up the wonderful gifts from the retreat and adventures in Spain. These experiences are priceless and can only be given by a highly developed being on the path of love and devotion, who is committed to our collective and individual evolution. Someone wise and fearless who is entrusted to share these precious energies and to inspire others with her grace, presence and wisdom. What an incredible week. I am truly grateful to have been part of it. "    Carol Ann                                                                                                



"It was the most powerful spirit filled afternoons I have spent in a long time... Helen, You are amazing...and what a humble setting for such greatness to flow through someone. I feel so fortunate to have been in the room while you brought to everyone there your incredible intuitive and peace giving power.. Thank you!" - Craig